Thursday, March 23, 2017
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August 23 - Race Report

Seymour, August 23 -The weather was perfect, track smooth and fast with 127 cars combined for a big night of racing Sunday night at the Seymour Speedway. Complete Radiator of Appleton was the title sponsor for the night.

thumb_sey_20090823_045Kevin Bethke grabbed the lead at the start of the IMCA Sport Mod main.  His stint at the front lasted 4 circuits before pulling off the track with mechanical problems, turning the lead over to Jeremy Cota.    Greg Potts, Josh Long, Brad Lautenbach, Rod Solem and Brandon Long were behind the leader.  While this group battled for second, it allowed Cota to pull away from the pack and open a lead.   A lone caution appeared for a drive shaft on the track on lap 8 and bunched the field.thumb_sey_20090823_039

Cota again opened a lead after the restart and the battle for second continued.  Tim Jorgenson entered the top six on lap 9 and hooked up on the outside to start to move to the front.   By lap 14, Jorgenson moved into second and started to eat into Cota’s lead.   A quick slingshot move out of turn 2 on lap 17, put Jorgenson into the top spot and he pulled away over the final 3 laps to secure his 3rd feature win of the season.   Cota completed his best run of the season in second followed by Jason Guyette, Josh Long, point leader, Travis Van Straten and Eric Arneson round out the top six.


Stephen Hiles led the opening lap of the Street stock main with Aaron Melchert taking control on the second lap and started to open a lead over the pack.  Matt Drawenek, David Hoerning, Phil Hiles and Joe Schwister were in line behind.

Hoerning moved into the runner up spot on lap 5, but Melchert had checked out on the competition.   A spin brought out the first caution on lap 7, and put the field right behind Melchert for the restart.   Hoerning wasted no time moving into the lead and opening his own lead until another spin brought out the caution again on lap 14.   Melchert, Jeremy Wiitala, Drawenek, Schwister and point leader, Todd Everard were right behind.   Two laps later the caution appeared again when Mitch Landvick had the engine let go in turn 1, setting up a 4 lap dash to the finish.   Hoerning was able to hold off all challengers to claim his 4th feature win of the season.   Wiitala took second with Everard right behind in third, after starting 22nd.     Melchert, Schwister and Drawenek rounded out the top six.

Wayne Hansen led the opening 2 laps of the 4 Cylinder main with Logan Sobieck taking control on lap 3.    Sobieck was able to open a lead over the field with Hansen, Dan Juszczyk and Rachel Czarapata giving chase.    Dean DeKeyser started to make a run to the front  on lap 11, and a caution one lap later erased the lead and bunched the pack for a 3 lap dash .   Sobieck was able to hold off all challenges to win his second straight feature with Hansen in second and Juszczyk third.   Jessi Ness finished fourth but an illegal suspension part moved  DeKeyser into fourth with Wesley Simoens and Calvin Stueck rounding out the top six.

thumb_sey_20090823_011Dan Nelson led the first 2 laps of the IMCA Stock Car main until a red for a 3 car crash in turn 2.  No one was injured  and Tyler Debouche was the only car eliminated from the race.   On the restart, Rod Snellenberger swept by Hansen into the lead and pulled away from the pack.  Two laps later, point leader Shawn Wagner, moved into second and set out after the leader.    By the mid point of the race, Snellenberger was still holding his lead with Wagner running second.   Kyle Frederick and Jeremy Christians had broke through traffic into third and fourth and were trying to chase down Wagner.  The top four continued their own pace over the final half of the race, with Snellenberger maintaining his lead.   Frederick and Christians caught  up to Wagner with 3 laps left.    Harley Simon and Brandon Czarapata moved into the top six.    As the field collected the white flag, a 2 car spin in turn one brought out the caution  and ended the race with Snellenberger collecting his 4th feature win of the season.   Wagner, Frederick and Christians crossed next with Simon, making his best run this season in 5th and Czarapata in sixth.thumb_sey_20090823_056

The win by Snellenberger also capped a strong weekend with 4 feature wins in three days.    He captured the win Friday at Antigo, a pair at Shawano on Saturday and the win tonight.

It took three tries to get the Budweiser IMCA Modified feature underway.    A turn 1 crash on the first try forced a restart.   On the next try, a multi car crash out of turn 4 brought out the red.  No one was injured but a couple cars were out of the race.  

thumb_sey_20090823_052Mike Knapp finally led the opening lap  and set the pace until Sean Jerovetz moved into the top spot on lap 4.    Jerovetz hooked up on the high side and Jason Czarapata moved low to take second on lap 7.  The lead pair pulled away a bit from the field swapping the lead back and forth until a lap 17 caution  bunched the field for a 3 lap dash to the finish.     Mike Wedelstadt, Julie Wedelstadt, Benji LaCrosse and Brian Mullen lined up behind for the restart.  Jerovetz held on to win his first feature here since June 10, 2007 with Czarapata alongside for second.   Mike Wedelstadt took third with Mullen able to sneak by to finish 4th.  Julie Wedelstadt and LaCrosse rounded out the top six.

thumb_sey_20090823_060The 3rd Annual Faster Pastor race closed the night with 8 area pastors climbing in 4 Cylinders for a 10 lap event.  Bill Schroeder of Christ the King took over the lead on the second lap from Robyn Wussow of Cicero United Methodist.   Schroeder pulled away from the field  in what looked like an easy win, until looping his car in turn three on lap 6.  He was far enough ahead to allow himself to correct the car and get back up to speed as Wussow and Tim Kriek, also of Christ the King, caught and passed him in turn 4.   Schroeder took back second on lap 8  and just as the white flag appeared, inched ahead of Wussow for the top spot.    Schroeder pulled ahead over the final lap to win his third straight Faster Pastor event.   Wussow and Kriek made the top three with Phil Engle of Seymour Assembly of God,  Keith Mueller of St John’s Church and Mark Ross of Seymour Community Church rounding out the top six.

This next week will be the final point night for the IMCA divisions. On Sunday September 6, the final leg of the Summer Holiday Classic, featuring the WDLMA Late Models, and the final point night for the Street Stock and 4 Cylinder divisions will close the 2009 season at the Seymour Speedway.    There will also be a corn/ pork roast with beverages in the pit following the final checkered flag on the 6th open to all drivers, crews and fans.






20 Lap Feature

1. Sean Jerovetz, Sobieski  2. Jason Czarapata, Pulaski  3, Mike Wedelstadt, Fremont  4, Brian Mullen, Seymour   5. Julie Wedelstadt, Oconto  6, Benji LaCrosse, Green Bay

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Jerry Wilinski, Seymour 2. Mike Mullen, Seymour

Second: 1. Jerovetz 2. Eric Mullen, Seymour

Third: 1. Lance Arneson, Krakow 2. Mike Knapp, New London



20 Lap feature

1. Rod Snellenberger, Pulaski 2. Shawn Wagner, Seymour 3. Kyle Frederick, Gillett 4. Jeremy Christians, Horicon 5. Harley Simon, Seymour 6. Brandon Czarapata, Kaukauna

10 Lap Consy

First: 1. John Heinz, Green Bay 2. Greg Gutt, Clintonville 3. Larry Karcz, Jr, Pulaski 4. Mike Gilson, Greenleaf


Second: 1. Brandon Czarapata 2. Rick Mahlberg, Denmark 3. Kyle Wanner, Green Bay 4. Ken Woodke, Kaukauna

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Joe Van Ooyen, Appleton 2. Simon

Second: 1. Andy Kornowski, Green Bay 2. Ron Otto, Appleton

Third: 1. Christians 2. Rod Snellenberger

Fourth: 1. Wagner 2. Bill Kelsey, Luxemburg



20 Lap Feature

1. David Hoerning, Appleton 2. Jeremy Wiitala, Green Bay 3. Todd Everard, Green Bay 4. Aaron Melchert, Black Creek 5. Joe Schwister, Seymour 6. matt Drawenek, Kaukauna

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Drawenek 2. Brian Widi, Little Suamico

Second: 1. Phil Hiles, Appleton 2. Melchert



20 Lap Feature

1. Tim Jorgenson, Seymour 2. Jeremy Cota, Oconto 3. Jason Guyette, Black Creek 4. Josh Long, Green Bay 5. travis Van Straten, Hortonville 6. Eric Arneson, Oconto Falls

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Kevin Bethke, Neenah 2. Guyette

Second: 1. Greg Potts, Green Bay 2. Long



15 Lap Feature

1. Logan Sobieck, DePere 2. Wayne Hanson, Krakow 3. Dan Juszczyk, Sobieski 4. Dean DeKeyser, Pulaski 5. Wesley Simoens, Abrams 6. Calvin Stueck, Clintonville

8 Lap Consy

1. Mitch Pallock, Pulaski 2. Michael Seidel, 3. Sam Ambrosius, Pulaski 4. Jason Cornelius, Oneida

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Juszczyk 2. Sobieck

Second: 1. Hansen 2. Simoens

Third: 1. DeKeyser 2. Stueck



10 Lap Feature

1. Bill Schroeder, Seymour 2. Tim Kriek, Seymour 3. Robyn Wussow, Cicero 4. Phil Engle, Seymour 5. Keith Mueller, Seymour 6. Mark Ross, Seymour


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