Thursday, April 02, 2015
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Awards presented TODAY

Sunday, February 23- The start of the NASCAR season is upon us and we hope you can enjoy it with us as N.E.W. DIRT will present their 2013 Seymour Speedway awards at Frank’s Place on Main street in Seymour.

The event will start at 11 AM.   The Big Race will be on throughout the bar.   The bar and grill will be open.  

The top 10 in each of the regular season divisions will receive trophies, along with the rookies.  The top 3 in the Fastrack Late Models will also be recognized.     The awards will be handed out about mid way in the race.

The Club and Bar will host some FREE beer and snacks.  There will be some door prizes and a raffle.

After the awards, enjoy the rest of the race, catch up on your bench racing and plan for the fast approaching 2014 racing season.

Hope to see you all there TODAY.

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