Sunday, March 26, 2017
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Seymour July 13 Results

Seymour July 13- A strange thing happened at the Seymour Speedway on Sunday…the Sun was Shinning and the temperature was perfect for a full nite of racing with Da Swamp Bar and Jackson Point Sports Bar joining forces to sponsor the action.     A total of 99 cars checked in to do battle before a great crowd.

After a last minute dose of track work the Turbo Blue Street Stocks took the track for their feature event.    Chase Parker took the lead for the opening lap before Lexii Ashcraft slipped inside on lap 2 to take charge.   Tony Everard, Jeff Dorshner, Alan Schluetter and Patty  Winkler were in line behind.   Ashcraft led to the first caution on lap 8.    Over the next 2 laps a series of 6 cautions kept the race in slow motion.   Schluetter took the lead for one lap and following a couple more cautions, the time ran out and  Scluetter took the lead with point leader, Jeff Jungwith, Ryan Blank Dorshner and Jonny Ashcraft behind.   Over the final 2 laps, Jungwirth was able to work inbto the top spot and  drove off to collect his n4th feature win of the season.   Blank, Schlueter, Dorshner, Jonny Ashcraft and Patty Winkler rounded out the top six.

John Berna set the pace until the lone caution in the Budweiser IMCA Modified feature on lap 4.   Point leader, Jason Czarapata had already moved into second for the restart and took over the lead under green.  Once I front, Czarapata took off to hide from the field.   Chad Bartel and Mike Mullen moved into the top three at the same time but could not keep pace with the leader.   Czarapata drove off to collect his 3rdstraight feature win and 4th overall.   Bartel and Mullen were spread out behind the leader with Mike Wedelstadt,  Jamie Schmidt and Berna     rounding out the top six.

A strong field of 23 Coors Light IMCA Stock Cars took the green with Chris Lowenhagen setting the pace followed by Jason Bork, Tom Riehl, Justin Jacobsen and Joe Schwister.  After several cautions on laps 4 – 6, Jacobsen oved into the top spot with Barry Van StraTEN,M Jeremy Wiitala, Bork and Chas Van Ooyen behind.   The restart also found point leader, Rod Snellenberger and Travis Van Straten in the back of the field.   Jacobsen ran the outside line and Barry Van Straten pulled even on the inside. For the final half of the race the pair ran side by side with Van Straten holding the slim lead.     From the restart, Travis Van Straten slowly picked hi way through traffic and with 5 laps remaining, pulled into 4th pace.   Barry and  Jacobsen were still side by side with  Wiitala right in the mix.  Jacobsen was scored the leader on lap 17 and as the white appeared

Travis stuck his nose to the inside of the leaders and was even making a 3 wide run for the lead entering turn three.   Out of 4 to the checkers, Travis was able to nip the other two drivers at the line to collect his second feature win of the season.   Barry took second with Jacobsen third.   Wiitala held off Kyle Frederick for  4th with Van Ooyen rounding out the top six.

William Edler set the pace for 2 circuits in the IMCA Sport Mod main before a caution on lap 3.   Joey Taycher came from mid pack and swept into the top spot on the restart.  Colten Von Hierden took over second on lap 8 and closed the gap on the leader.   On lap 11, Van Hierden had secured the lead and Taycher kept close until the final 5 laps when Van Hirden was able top pull away and earned his first career Seymour Speedway feature victory.  Taycher, a 2 time feature winner this season, settled for the runner up finish with Jordan Bartz, point leader, Jeremy Cota, Clint Forstner and Lucas Lamberies rounding out the top six.

The 4 Cylinder main went non stop with Jeremy Czarapata taking the ealy lead and set thepace until lap 9 when Kasey Gross took over the lead.   Tanner Westphal moved into second one lap later, and the pair ran side by side to the finish with Gross taking his first feature checkered flag at Seymour by inches at the finish line over Westphal.   Czarapata collected third place with Brandon Kaye, Cody Hungferford and Harley Diedrick rounding out the top six.

Racing continues next Sunday before a week off for the Outagamie County Fair on July 27.

The Seymour Speedway is a featured member track of, a website dedicated to bringing fans the best possible coverage of local short track racing.


                             BUDWEISER IMCA MODIFIEDS

20 Lap Feature  l. Jason Carapata  2. Chad Bartel   3. Mike Mullen   4. Mike Wedelstadt   5. Jamie Schmidt   6. John Berna

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Berna   2. TYyler Wilson

Second  l. Tony Wedelstadt   2. Mike Wedelstadt

                                      COORS LIGHT IMCA STOCK CARS

20 Lap Feature  l. Travis Van Straten   2. Barry Van Straten   3. Justin Jacobsen  4. Jerey Wiitla   5  Kyle Frederick   6. Chgas Van Ooyen

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Jacobsen  2. Harley Simon

Second  l.   Bork   2. Barry Van Straten

Third  l. Travis Van Straten   2. Van Ooyen

                             TURBO BLUE STREET STOCKS

20 Lap Feature l. Jeff Jungwith  2. Ryan Blank   3. Alan Schlueter   4. Jeff Dorchner  5. Jonny Ashcraft   6, Patty Winkler

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Blank   2. Winkler

Second  l. Jungwith   2, Tony Everard

                                      IMCA SPORT MODS

20 Lap feature  l. Colten Van Hierden   2. Joey Taycher   3. Jordan Bartz   4. Jeremy Cota   5. Clint Forstner   6. Patty Winkler

8 Lap Heats  First    1. Jessi Ness   2. Cota

Second  l. Van Hierden   2., Mike Dauphinais  

Third  l. Lucas Lamberies     2. Bartz

                                                4 CYLINDERS

125 Lap Feature  l.   Kasey Gross   2. Tanner Westphal  3. Jason Czarapata   4. Branden Kaye   5. Cody Hungerford   6. Harley Diedrick

8 Lap Heats  l. Tyler Hungerford   2. Diedrick

Second  l. Cody Hungerford   2.  Gross

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