Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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Australian National Champion Brooke Tatnell Tops IRA Sprint Action at Seymour Speedway!

A beautiful Labor Day weekend greeted the Bumper to Bumper IRA Outlaw Sprints to the Seymour Speedway for their second annual event with the FASTRAK Late Models, Street Stocks and 4 Cylinders filling out the nights activities.

The Sprinters took the track for their feature with Australian National Champion, Brooke Tatnell, grabbing the lead at the start with Todd King, Steve Meyer, Billy Balog and Donny Goeden singled out behind. Several cautions appeared during the contest which kept the field bunched behind the leader.

Tatnell maintained the top spot throughout the race with plenty of racing behind. Goeden worked into the runner up spot on lap 19, but could not make a run at Tatnell, who picked up his third IRA feature win of the season. Goeden, also the nights fast qualifier with 13.023, took second. King was third followed by Brian Kristan, Balog and Meyer.

The Late Models were up next with Justin Hirt grabbing the lead followed by Paul Parker, Tom Naeyaert, Craig Bartz, Scott Lewis and M.J. McBride. Parker took the point on lap 2 with Hirt re-taking the lead on lap 6. Naeyaert pulled into the runner up spot and worked into the lead on lap 9.

Three cautions in the middle of the contest kept the field bunched.

Hirt drove to the inside of Naeyaert for the lead in turn 1 on lap 16 when he slipped up to the wall, with Parker, Bartz and Lewis also able to sneak by.

After the final restart on lap 18, Hirt was setting the pace with Bartz working the inside line and Parker right behind the pair. Hirt was able to hold off the challenge until lap 28 when Bartz finally made the pass stick and drove off to win his first feature of the season here.

Hirt, Parker, Naeyaert, Bret Swedberg and Lewis rounded out the top six. Following the race, the FASTRAK director froze the entire finish, pending a dyno check of the top 5 engines, which were pulled at the track. The official finish and the final point standings will be posted when cleared by FASTRAK.

The Street Stocks were next and after a lap 2 caution, settled in for a tight race. Ian Lassanske led the first 2 circuits with Bill Kelsey taking over the top spot after the restart. David Hoerning and Harley Simon were working to the front with Hoerning leading lap 5 before Simon settled into the top spot one lap later. Aaron Melchert and Jeremy Wiitala pulled right behind the leaders as they pulled ahead of the field. Simon was running the top spot with Hoerning hounding the leader, running inside and outside, pulling alongside several times, but Simon would fight off every challenge. Melchert and Wiitala were still battling for third right behind the lead pair.

With 3 laps left, Simon was still in control. Out of turn 4 to completed lap 18, the right front suspension on Simons car broke, with the front end of his car digging into the track at the line. He tried to get out of the way, but Hoerning was right behind and had no where to go and got underneath the back of Simons disabled mount, sending both hard into the wall entering turn 1 as the rest of the field flashed by. No one was injured, but both car sustained heavy damage and not only the race, but the final 4 Cylinder race were done, with too much damage to the wall to continue.

Hoerning was credited with the win with Melchert, Wiitala, Paul White, Justin Stuck and Todd Everard making the top six.

This next week will also be a point night for the Street Stock and 4 Cylinders. With the IMCA divisions returning from Boone, they will compete but no points will be up for grabs. All divisions will run their final point nights on September 14th.



30 Lap Feature l. Brooke Tatnell 2, Donny Goeden 3. Todd King 4. Brian Kristan 5. Billy Balog 6. Steve Meyer

10 Lap Heats First l. Kris Spitz 2. Kim Mock
Second l. Scott Biertzer
Third l. Billy Hafemann


17 Lap Feature 1. David Hoerning, Appleton 2. Aaron Melchert, Seymour 3. Jeremy Wiitala, Green Bay 4. Paul White, Green Bay 5. Justin Stuck, 6. Todd Everard, Green Bay

10 Lap Consy l. Samantha Olson, Waupaca 2. Joe Schwister, Seymour 3. Phil Hiles, Appleton 4. Tim Jandrin, Kewaunee

8 Lap Heats First l. Simon 2. Wiitala
Second l. Ian Lassanske, Seymour 2. Dereck Lecker, Black Creek
Third l. Everard 2. Stuck


20 Lap Feature (not run due to street stock crash)

10 Lap Consy l. Justin Vannieuwenniven, Sobieski 2. Jessi Ness, Abrams 3. Janet Pericak, Shawano 4. Jody Cornelius, Oneida

8 Lap Heats First l. Jason Cornelius, Oneida 2. Calvin Stueck, Clintonville
Second l. Adam Court, Seymour 2. Jeff Behm
Third l.Logan Sobieck, DePere 2. Ralph Liegeois, Jr, Oconto

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