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July 5 - Race Report

Seymour, July 5 - Following a busy July 4th weekend, a perfect day brought out 154 cars and a fantastic crowd for the second leg of the Summer Holiday Classic Sunday night at the Seymour Speedway.

WDLMA LATE MODEL #2 A.J. Diemel picked up the Feature winThe  WDLMA LATE MODELS put a field of 24 cars on the grid for their 30 lap main event.  Tom Naeyaert grabbed the opening lap lead from the front row with Nick Anvelink taking over on lap 2.  A.J. Diemel, winner of the opening race on Memorial Day, swept by Anvelink on lap 5 and slowly stated to open a lead.  Anvelink dropped back about 4 car lengths and was able to stay within striking distance for much of the race as they pair started weaving through lapped traffic on lap 8.  Naeyaert and David Fieber were running back in third and fourth with a tight battle between Justin Ritchie, Ron Berna, Paul Parker, Todd Frank and troy Springborn for fifth.

By half way, Diemel continued to maintain his lead while masterfully working through tight traffic.  Anvelink kept the leader is sight and was able to move closer several times.  A lone caution slowed the pace on lap 23 for a spin and bunched the field for a 7 lap sprint to the finish.  There were 10 cars on the lead lap for the restart.

Diemel continued to set a torrid pace and again pulled to a light lead and drove off with his second straight feature win in the Classic series.  Nick Anvelink held second to the finish.  Paul Parker moved up over the final laps to secure third with Terry Anvelink also able to secure 4th.  Fieber and Ritchie round out the top six.


IMCA SPORT MOD #17 Jeremy Cota collected his first checker of the season at the Seymour Speedway Sunday nightJamie Schmidt grabbed the lead in the IMCA Sport Mod main with Eric Arneson, Travis Van Straten, Brad Lautenbach, Kevin Bethke and Rob Charapata behind.  Van Straten hooked up on the outside and moved up to challenge for the lead on lap 5.  For the rest of the race the lead went back and forth.  Schmidt hugging the inside and Van Straten outside.  A lone caution on lap 15 set up a five lap dash to the finish.  Schmidt was the leader with Van Straten second.  Arneson, Chad Nelson, Johnny Whitman and Rod Solem were in line behind. 

The battle resumed for the lead to the finish with Van Straten able to win the side by side battle to secure his second feature of the season.  Schmidt took the close second place finish Whitman moving into third. Arneson, Nelson and Eugene Gregorich  rounded out the top six.

Following an opening lap caution, The Street Stocks clicked off 20 green flag laps.  Matt Drawenek set the pace for the first 5 laps before co-point leader, Todd Everard and Jeremy Wiitala moved by.  The pair opened a lead over the battle for third place.  Drawenek, Aaron Melchert, Mert Summers and David Hoerning ran together for the rest of the race.  Everard was able to run to his 6th feature win of the year and retook the sole possession of the point lead.  Wiitala chased the winner to the line.  Drawenek was able to secure the third place finish with Hoerning working into 4th place.  Melchert and Summers rounded out the top six.

BUDWEISER IMCA MODIFIED #66 Jared Siefert won a hard fought battle to collect his first Seymour Speedway feature win Sumday night at the Summer Holiday ClassicThe Budweiser IMCA Modifieds also settled into a fast pace after an opening lap incident with Benji LaCrosse grabbing the top spot  from pole sitter Jared Siefert.

Siefert hooked up on the outside while LaCrosse was holding to the inside.  LaCrosse  opened a couple length lead but Siefert started to get the outside to work and slowly pulled up on the leader.  For several laps they ran side by side with LaCrosse able to hold the lead until lap 9.  Siefert inched ahead with LaCrosse  just off the  mark.  By lap 15, Siefert had taken the top spot.  A lone caution on lap 18, erased the lead and bunched the field for a final 2 lap dash.  Siefert and LaCrosse were the lead pair with Mike Mullen, Brian Mullen, Brandon Czarapata, Jason Czarapata and Julie Wedelstadt now right behind.

Siefert stayed in front of a mad dash behind to collect his first feature win of the season.  Mike Mullen won the scramble for the runner up spot with Mike Wedelstadt powering from sixth place into third at the finish.  Brandon Czarapata also slipped by LaCrosse to take fourth.  LaCrosse held off Brian Mullen for fifth.

John Heinz took control of the IMCA Stock Car feature with heavy pressure from the start from Shawn Wagner and Rod Snellenberger until the lone caution of the race appeared on lap 6.  Heinz was holding the top spot but Snellenberger was all over leader from behind and running alongside.  Wagner was right behind the pair as the trio again opened a slight lead on the pack behind.  By lap 12, Snellenberger had hooked up on the outside and was finally able to take over the top spot.  Heinz and Wagner stayed with the leader.  Jeremy Christians was running in fourth with a tight three and four wide battle for fifth between Kyle Frederick, Greg Gutt, Chaz Van Ooyen and Darren Otto.

Snellenberger was able to hold off all challenges to win  second straight feature with Wagner taking the runner up spot.  Heinz  was black flagged over the final 3 laps with a flat tire which put Christians into third.  Frederick won the battle behind to take fourth with Otto and Gutt rounding out the top six.

4 CYLINDER #8 Tony Everard picked up his first checker of the season at the Seymour Speedway Sunday nightTony Everard grabbed the lead for the opening lap of the 4 Cylinder nightcap with Justin Vannieuwenniven moving to the point on lap 2.  Point leader, Kevin Birr moved from row 5 to second on lap 6 and 2 laps later took over the top spot just before a lose tire brought out the caution on lap 9.  Ralph Liegeois, Jr moved into the runner up spot on the restart and challenged for the lead.  Josh Vogel, Logan Sobieck, Vannieuwenniven and Calvin Stueck were all right behind.  A final caution on lap 12 set up a 3 lap dash with Birr able to hold off Liegeois  to claim his 4th feature win of the season.  Vogel took third with Kevin Glatz sneaking into fourth.  Vannieuwenniven and Tony Everard round out the top six.

The final race of the SUMMER HOLIDAY CLASSIC will take place on Labor day weekend, Sunday September 6.  Weekly racing action continues every Sunday night .  N.E.W. DIRT would like to THANK everyone for their continued support.






30 Lap Feature

1. A.J. Diemel, Navarino  2. Nick Anvelink, Navarino  3. Paul Parker, Kaukauna   4. Terry Anvelink, Navarino   5. David Fieber, Neenah   6. Justin Richie, New London

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Diemel  2. Tom Naeyaert, Shawano

Second: 1. Todd Frank,    2. Ron Berna, Green Bay

Third: 1. Nick Anvelink    2. Fieber



20 Lap Feature

1. Jared Siefert, Green bay  2. Mike Mullen, Seymour  3. Mike Wedelstadt, Fremont  4. Brandon Czarapata, Appleton  5. Benji LaCrosse, Green Bay   6. Brian Mullen, Seymour

10 Lap Consy

1. Chad Wilcox, Pulaski  2. Kurt Moeller, Seymour  3. Kyle Lentz, Green Bay  4. Russ Huxford, Green Bay

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Jerry Wilinski, Seymour  2. Brandon Czarapata

Second: 1. Marcus Yarie, Wausau   2. Jason Czarapata, Pulaski

Third: 1. Siefert   2. Mike Mullen



20 Lap Feature

1. Todd Everard, Green Bay  2. Jeremy Wiitala, Green bay  3. Matt Drawenek, Kaukauna   4. David Hoerning, Appleton  5. Aaron Melchert, Black Creek   6. Mert Summers, DePere

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Melchert  2. Mitch Landvick, Suring

Second: 1. Hoerning   2. Drawenek



20 Lap Feature

1. Rod Snellenberger, Pulaski  2. Shawn Wagner, Seymour  3. Jeremy Christians, Horicon  4. Kyle Frederick, Gillett   5. Darren Otto, Pulaski  6. Greg Gutt, Clintonville

10 Lap Consy

First: 1. Otto   2. Harley Simon, Seymour

Second: 1. Larry Karcz, Jr, Pulaski  2. Ken Woodke, Kaukauna

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Wagner  2. Frederick

Second: 1. Barry Van Straten, Shiocton  2. Bob Schampers, Green Bay

Third: 1. Christians   2. John Heinz, Green Bay

Fourth: 1. Snellenberger  2. Chaz Van Ooyen, Jr, Appleton



20 Lap Feature

1. Travis Van Straten,. Hortonville  2. Jamie Schmidt, Seymour  3. Johnny Whitman, DePere  4. Eric Arneson, Oconto Falls   5. Chad Nelson, Suamico  6. Eugene Gregorich, Kewaunee

10 Lap Consy

1. Jeremy Cota, Oconto  2. Josh Long, Green Bay  3.  Rod Solem, Seymour  4. Jamie Goffard, Seymour

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Nelson  2. Gregorich

Second: 1. Van Straten  2. Kevin Bethke, Neenah

Third: 1. Arneson  2. Schmidt



15 Lap Feature

1. Kevin Birr, Krakow  2, Ralph Liegeois, Jr, Oconto  3. Josh Vogel, Green Bay  4. Kevin Glatz, Kaukauna   5. Justin Vannieuwenniven, Pulaski   6. Tony Everard, Green Bay

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Everard  2. Mike Frelich, Appleton

Second: 1. Josh Novak, Neenah  2. Vogel

Third: 1. Birr   2. Vannieuwenniven



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