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Seymour Sundasy May 10

Seymour, May 9-  The Seymour Speedway is set for another full night of racing on the 1/3 mile banked clay oval Sunday night.


Running order will be:


O’Reilly Auto Parts IMCA Sport Mods

Turbo Blue Street Stocks

Budweiser IMCA Modifieds

Coor’s Light IMCA Stock Cars

4 Cylinders

Thunder Trucks


The back gate will now be opening at 3:30 with the cut off at 4:45


Racing still at 5:30.


Grandstand opens at 4:00


Hope to see you all tomorrow night at the Seymour Speedway.



May 3 Results


Seymour May 3- What was forecast as a stormy day on Sunday, proved to be a beautiful  summer like day for racing to return to the Seymour Speedway.  Shiocton Automotive and DA Swamp presented the five division program that saw 4 first time winners this season.


WAPL 105.7 was also on hand with a live broadcast that saw 2 lucky fans win a season pass and a crisp $100 bill.


The Coor’s Light IMCA Stock Cars kicked the feature portion of the program off with a stellar 20 car field.    Dylan Heillmann swept past early leader Jamie Van Ooyen on lap 2 and Mike Schmidt moved into the runner up spot on lap 4.   A pair of cautions mid race schuffled the field a bit and when racing resumed, Schmidt was now in the elad followed by Heillmann, Kyle Frederick, Jason Bork, Rod Snellenberger and Travis Van Straten.


The intensity ramped up over the final 10 laps with the top five cars battling for the lead.    Van Straten  was running second on the outside and challenged Schmidt for the lead.  Snellenberger, Brandon Czarapata, Frederick and Barry Van Straten were all in the tight mix.


Schmidt was able to run the inside line to perfection and collected his first career Seymour feature win.  Snellenberger made a hard run over the final 2 laps to secure the runner up spot.   Travis Van Straten settled for third with Czarapata, Frederick and Barry Van Straten rounding out the top six.


Travis Arenz grabbed the lead at the start of the O’Reilly Auto Part IMCA Sport Mod main  with J.J. Andersen, Bruce Belank, Lucas Lamberies, and Jeremy Cota behind.  Lamberies worked the inside line and made his way to the front and passed Arenz for the lead on lap 8.  Once in front, Lamberies  pulled away and collected his second feature win of the year.   Andersen maintained the second spot to the finish with Arenz, Cota, Kevin Bethke and Scott Besaw rounding out the top six.


The  Turbo Blus Strteet Stocks were up next with Clint Evans setting the pace for the opening circuit.   Matt Warner moved into the top spot and led to the lone cautionof the race on lap 3.


Allan Schlueter moved into the lead after the restart and  just motored away from the field to collect his first feature win of the season.  Jeff Jungwirth took the second spot with Lexii Ashcraft following in third.   Warner, Evans and  Jeff Dorschner rounded out the top six.


Jerry Wilinski took charge of the Budweiser IMCA Modified main at the start and set the pace for the first 6 laps before Mike Wedelstadt  powered by on the outside  on lap 7.  A pair of cautions on lap 8 bunched the field but Wedelstadt  was in control and pulled away from the second place battle to collect his first feature win of the season.    Wilinski, Jamie Schmidt, Mark Joski and Chad Bartel  ran together in a tight battle for the runner up spot which Joski was able to secure at the finish.  Schmidt and Bartel were next in line with Wilkinski and Jay Matthias rounding out the top six.

Kasey Gross took the lead at the start of the 4 Cylinder main with Tanner Westphal , Tyler Hungerford and Carl King tight behind.   The foursome pulled away from the rest of the field for a race long battle for the lead.   Over the final 5 laps, Hungerford made his move and finally wrestled the lead away from Gross with 2 lap left and held on to collect his first feature win of the season.   Gross took second with Westphal in third. King was  fourth with Mike Meier and Tyler Becker making up the top six.

The Seymour Speedway will be presenting the Sunday Night racing programs  every week through Labor Day.   The track is located at the Outagamie Cunty Fairground in Seymour.


                                    BUDWEISER IMCA MODIFIEDS

20 Lap feature  l. Mike Wedelstadt, Fremont  2. Mark Joski, Green Bay  3,. Jamie Schmidt, Seymour  4 Chad Bartel, Shiocton  5. Jerry Wilinski, Seymour   6. Jay Matthias, Green Bay

8 Lap Heats First  l. Jerry Wilinski  2. Wedelstadt

Second  l. Joski   2. Schmidt

                                    COOR’S LIGHT IMCA STOCK CARS

20 Lap Feature  l. Mike Schmidt, Shawano  2., Rod Snellenberger, Pulaski  3. Travis Van Straten, Hortonville  4. Brandon Czarapata, Kaukauna   5. Kyle Frederick, Gillett   6. Barry Van Straten, Shiocton

10 Lap Consy  1. Chaz Van Ooyen, Jr, Appleton  2. Brian Ambrosius, Green Bay  3, Vern Stedjee  4. Phil Hiles, Appleton

8 Lap Heats First  l. Snellenberger   2. Bob Czarapata, Krakow 

Second  l. Frederick   2. Brandn Czarapata

Third  l  Travis Van Straten   2. Barry Van Straten

                                                O”REILLY AUTO PARTS IMCA SPORT MODS

20 Lap Feature  l. Lucas Lamberies, Shawano   2. J.J. Andersen, Green Bay  3,Travis Arenz, West Bend   4. Jeremy Cota, Oneida   5, Kevin Bethke, Oneida   6. Scott Besay, Omro

8 Lap Heats First  l. Logan Fleischman   2.Beland

Second   1. Bethke   2. Lamberies

                                                TURBO BLUE Street Stocks

20 Lap Feature  l. Allan Schlueter, Oconto  2. Jeff Jungwirth, Oshkosh  3. Lexxi Ashcraft, Oshkosh   4. Matt Warner   5., Clint Evans   6. Jeff Dorschner

8 Lap Heats  First l. Geogrge Tabalski, Denmark  2, Dorschner

Second  l. Warner   2. Schlueter

                                                4 CYLINDER

15 Lap feature  1. Tyler Hungerford, Freedom  2. Kasey Gross, Gleason  3. Tanner Westphal   4. Carl King   5. Mike Meier   6. Taylor Becker

8 ap Heat  l. Hungerford   2.Westphal


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