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June 14 - Race Report

Seymour June 14 - Despite a heavy mid afternoon thunderstorm, N.E.W. DIRT was able to pull off a complete program Sunday night at the Seymour Speedway.IMCA SPORT MOD  #122   Ian Lassanske picked up his first checker of the season winning his heat race Sunday night.

IMCA STOCK CAR #31 K  Andy Kornowski won his first division race Sunday nightThe American Legion Auxiliary Unit 106 had a special Flag Day presentation to open the program. Baylake Bank and Bumper to Bumper of Seymour sponsored the nights activities with 123 cars competing.

Justin Jacobsen pulled into the lead after the opening lap of the Street Stock main with Jerry Winkler moving into the runner up spot after a lap 2 caution. By lap 7, point leader, Todd Everard, moved into third and the trio pulled ahead of the field. A series of cautions started on lap 11, and kept the field bunched, but several of the top runners were knocked out of the race. Matt Drawenek and Mitch Landvick made contact running for 4th place. On the following lap, Jacobsen, Winkler and Everard were involved in a crash that took the top three out of the race. Also involved were David Hoerning, 5th, and Aaron Melchert, 7th. Joe Schwister inherited the lead and following the final restart, time ran out when the final caution was displayed, giving Schwister his first feature win of the season. Ben Case, Bill Kain, Dereck Lecker, Andy Palluch and Jeff Jungwirth made the top six.

Speedy presents Johnny Valiencourt (L) and MacKenzie Summers (R) with the Bikes they won from Club Speed Sunday night at the Seymour Speedway.  The Bike Give Away is sponsored by Tri County Heating.Kevin Bethke led the opening lap of the IMCA Sport Mod main with Jason Guyette taking charge on lap 2. Bethke, Travis Van Straten and Josh Long pressured the leader over the first half of the race when Johnny Wittman joined the battle and overtook Guyette following a lap 14 restart. One lap later, Wittman brought out the caution when the drive shaft came out of his car, turning the top spot over to Tim Jorgenson. Rod Solem and Guyette chased Jorgenson over the final 4 laps with Jorgenson picking up his second feature win of the season.

STREET STOCK #31  Joe Schwister won his first feature of the season Sunday night.Solem, Guyette and Long made the top 4 with Troy Jerovetz taking fifth and Van Straten sixth.

Marty Abshire took off from the pole in the IMCA Stock Car main and opened a big lead before the first caution appeared on lap 8. John Mahlberg, Jason Bork, Paul White, Greg Gutt and Darren Otto were lined up behind. Abshire was still in control when the final caution appeared on lap 13, with Gutt now second. Otto in third, Shawn Wagner, White and Mahlberg behind.
IMCA STOCK CAR #55  Shawn Wagner won his second feature of the season Sunday night at the Seymour Speedway.Otto pulled into the lead after the final restart with Wagner moving by Abshire for 2nd on lap 17. Otto was running high and Wagner was taking the inside line as the pair ran side by side as the laps drifted by. Just before a lap was completed on the restart, John Heinz emerged from pit lane in front of the leaders and was racing with them when the white flag appeared. Wagner and Otto entered the turn door to door when they encountered Heinz, with Otto hitting the rear end of his car, breaking the radiator, which allowed Wagner to scoot off to his second feature win of the season. Gutt took second with Jeremy Christians coming from the back after an earlier race incident, to take third. White, Abshire and point leader, Larry Karcz, Jr, rounded out the top six.

BUDWEISER IMCA  MODIFIED #75  Lance Arneson held off 6 time champion Brian Mullen to collect his first feature win at Seymour since August 28, 2005 Sunday night.Lance Arneson grabbed the lead in the Budweiser IMCA Modified main at the start and took off from the field. Erik Mullen, Chad Wilcox, Mike Knapp, Tim Van de Hei, Jared Siefert and Brian Mullen were running together behind. The top 3 remained the same until the first caution appeared on lap 13. Brian Mullen, Siefert and Scott Mullen were now right behind the leader. A final caution appeared 3 laps later with Arneson still holding the top spot. Brian Mullen moved by Wilcox after the restart and pulled up on Arneson. Mullen pressure the leader but Arneson held off the challenge to win his first feature here since August 28, 2005. Mullen took second with Wilcox holding off Siefert for third. Scott Mullen took fifth with point leader, Benji LaCrosse, rounding out the top six, after starting the race last, in the 23rd spot.

4 CYLINDER  #35 S  Calvin Stueck collected his first checker ever at the Seymour Speedway Sunday night and it happened to come attatched with his first career feature win.Calvin Stueck took the lead in the 4 Cylinder finale from the front row, but was hounded through out the race. Josh Novak, Kevin Glatz, Dan Juszcyzk, Wayne Hanson and Mitch Pallock were tight behind. The race went to lap 10 before a caution appeared. After a final restart one lap later, Stueck had Juszczyk, Novak, point leader Kevin Birr and Hansen right behind for the final 4 laps. Stueck held off the challenges to collect his first career feature win and also the first checked flag ever here at Seymour. Juszczyk, Birr, Novak, Matt Torphy and Josh Roehl made the top six.

Thanks to all of the drivers that assisted in getting the track finished and to all of the fans that braved the un certain weather to attend.

Racing continues next Sunday with all five divisions.

Don’t forget to make plans for Sunday July 5 when the second leg of the Summer Holiday Classic returns to the Seymour Speedway.






20 Lap feature

1. Lance Arneson, Oconto Falls 2, Brian Mullen, Seymour 3, Chad Wilcox, Pulaski 4. Jared Siefert, Green Bay 5, Scott Mullen, Seymour 6. Benji LaCrosse, Luxemburg

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Tim Van de Hei, Green Bay 2. Sean Jerovetz, Suamico

Second: 1. Mike Knapp, New London 2. Wilcox

Third: 1. Arneson 2. Scott Mullen



20 Lap Feature

1. Shawn Wagner, Seymour 2. Greg Gutt, Clintonville 3. Jeremy Christians, Horicon 4,. Paul White, Green Bay 5. Marty Abshire, Waukesha 6. Larry Karcz, Jr, Pulaski

8 Lap Consy

First: 1. Kyle Frederick, Gillett 2. Christians 3. Rod Snellenberger, Pulaski 4. Jamie Becks, Green Bay

Second: 1. Karcz, Jr 2. Barry Van Straten, Shiocton 3. Chris Lange, Appleton 4. Joe Van Ooyen, Appleton

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Chaz Van Ooyen, Jr, Appleton 2. Jason Bork, Appleton

Second: 1. Kyle Wanner, Green Bay 2. White

Third: 1. Andy Kornowski, Green Bay 2. Abshire

Fourth: 1. John Mahlberg, Hilbert 2. Gutt



13 Lap Feature (time limit)

1. Joe Schwister, Seymour 2. Ben Case, Little Chute 3. Bill Kain, Appleton 4. Dereck Lecker, Black Creek 5. Andy Palluch, Pulaski 6. Jeff Jungwirth, Oshkosh

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Bob Czarapata, Krakow 2. Alex Notz, Oconto Falls

Second: 1. Phil Hiles, Appleton 2. Matt Drawenek, Kaukauna

Third: 1. Lecker 2. David Hoerning, Appleton



20 Lap Feature

1. Tim Jorgenson, Seymour 2. Rod Solem, Seymour 3. Jason Guyette, Black Creek 4. Josh Long, Green Bay 5. Troy Jerovetz, Green Bay 6. Travis Van Straten, Hortonville

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Ian Lassanske, Oconto 2. Jerovetz

Second: 1. Jason Guyette 2. Johnny Whitman, DePere



15 Lap Feature

1. Calvin Stueck, Clintonville 2. Dan Juszczyk, Sobieski 3. Kevin Birr, Krakow 4. Josh Novak, Neenah 5. Matt Torphy, 6. Josh Roehl, Appleton

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Kevin Glatz, Kaukauna 2. Wayne Hanson, Krakow

Second: 1. Sam Ambrosius, Pulaski 2. Novak

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