Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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Seymour July 20 Results

Seymour- July 20- Another perfect July evening for racing action on the 1/3 mile banked oval at the Seymour Speedway  Sunday night  saw 2 repeat and 3 first time winners in 2014.

The Budweiser IMCA Modifieds kicked off the feature portion of the program with Tyler Wilson grabbing the lead at the start.  A pair of cautions before lap 5 kept the field bunched on the leader, but he was able to maintain the top spot. 

A 7 lap green stretch had Jamie Schmidt, Jason Czarapata, Mike Wedelstadt and Eric Arneson behind Wilson and the rookie did an excellent job holding the lead running the high line.    The drivers behind each tried the insoide line but could only pull event with the leader.    Another pair of cautions on laps 12 and 13 bunched the field again.   Wilson again took the elad, but this time, Czarapata was able to make a run on the inside stick, as he pulled into the top spot on lap 16, and over the final 4 laps, pulled away from the field to claim his 4th straight and fifth feature win of the season.    Eric Mahlik powed  from the back of the field to take the runner up spot with Wilson holding off Brad Lautenbach and Schmidt for third.     Chad Bartel rounded out the top six.

A lone caution on the original start  of the Coors Light IMCA Stock Car set up a flag to flag run for the 21 car field.     Three and four wide racing was again the norm early .   Jason Bork set the lead pace for the first lap before Josh Mroczkowski, Bob Czarapata and Kyle Frederick made a four wide  run into turn one on the season lap.   Frederick was the outside man and powered off turn 2 to take the lead.   Once in  the lead, Frederick pulled away for the rest of the race leaving the battle for the runner up spot.     Mroczkowski, Rod Snellenberger, Bill Kelsey and Jeremy Wiital  ran the entire content together, swapping positions back and forth trying to find a way to break lose and chase down Frederick.

Snellenberger pulled off the pass for the runner up spot with 2 laps left but could not catch Frederick.     The win was the former track champions first win here since June 3, 2012.   Snellenberger, Mroczkowsi, Kelsey, Wiitala and Barry Van Straten round out the top six finishers.

William Elder grabbed the lead at the start of the IMCA Sport Mod feature with Rod Solem moving into the top spot on lap 2.    Once in front, Solem set a torrid pace and despite several cautions during the race, was up to the challenges from Lucas Lamberies and Jeremy Cota to run to his first feature win at Seymour since August  3, 2011.    Dennis Meisler joined the leaders over the last half of the race and powered into the runner up spot on lap 18, only to have  Lamberies reclaim the spot  at the finish line.    Cota, Bruce Belland and Russell Franks rounded out the top six.

The Turbo Blue Street Stocks were ready to do battle with George Tabalske grabbing the top spot on the start with Paul Ambrosius,  Lexii Ashcraft, Ryan Blank, and Jeff Dorschner behind.   The leaders ran together for several laps, with Blank moving into the runner up spot on lap 4, and moved into the lead on lap 6.  Once in the top spot, Blank pulled out to a lead as Jon Ashcraft worked into second.    It took most of the rest of the race to reel in the leader, but Ashcraft ran out of time to mount a serious bid for the lead.   Blank ran off with his first feature win of the season with Ashcraft right behind.   Patty Winkler finished third with Jeff Jungwirth  taking a top 4 finish just ahead of Lexxi Ashcraft.   Alan Schlueter  rounded out the top six.

Harley Diedrick led the opening circuit of the 4 Cylinder main with Jason Czarapata,  Tanner Westphal, Brandon Kaye and Tyler Hungerford behind.   Diedrick and Czarapata  came together entering turn 1 on the second lap and slid up the track, but were able to re group and join the rear before a caution was shown,  Westphal took advantage of the slip and took over the lead.   

Westphal took off to hide from the field leaving the race for second.   Cody Hungerford  grabbed the runner up finish on the final lap with Kasey Gross  taking third, Tyler Hungerford fourth with Dan Van Pay and Brandon Kaye rounding out the top six.

Reminder that there will be NO racing this next Sunday, July 27 At the Seymour Speedway because of the Outagamie County Fair.    Racing returns on Sunday August 3 with Budweiser as the title sponsor .  The track will also remember Stan “The Man” Gracyalny and his dedicated family for all of their support to local racing over the past several decades in the area.

The Seymour Speedway is a featured member track of www.Racetext.net, a website dedicated to bringing fans the best possible coverage of local short track racing.



20 Lap Feature  l. Jason Czarapata   2. Eric Mahlik   3. Tyler Wilson  4. Brad Lautenbach   5. Jamie Schmidt   6. Chad Bartel

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Czarapata  2. Wilson

Second  T.J. Smith  2. Jay Matthias

                                    COORS LIGHT IMCA STOCK CARS

20 Lap Feature  l. Kyle Frederick  2, Rod Snellenberger  3. Josh Mroczkowski  4. Bill Kelsey   5. Jeremy Wiitala   6. Barry Van Straten

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Bob Czarapata   2. Jason Bork

Second  l. Mroczkowski   2. Kelsey

                                    TURBO BLUE STREET STOCKS

20 Lap Feature  l  Ryan Blank   2. Jonny Ashcraft   3. Patty Winkler  4. Jeff Jungwirth   5. Lexii Ashcraft   6. Alan Schlueter

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Paul Ambrosius   2,. Winkler

Second  l. Schlueter   2. Blank

                                                IMCA SPORT MODS

20 Lap Feature  l. Rod Solem   2. Lucas Lamberies   3. Dennis Miesler   4. Jeremy Cota   5. Bruce Belland   6. Russel Franks

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Franks   2. Cota

Second  l. Solem   2. Belland

                                                            4 CYLINDER

15 Lap Feature  l. Tanner Westphal   2. Cody Hungerford   3. Kasey Gross   4. Tyler Hungerford   5. Dan Van Pay   6. Brandon Kaye

8 Lap Heats First  l. Tyler Hungerford  2. Harley Diedrick

Second  l. Westphal   2. Gross

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