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June 21 - Race Report

Seymour, June 21 - The first official day of summer 2009 brought a hot, humid day, fast, tacky track, 127 cars and mosquitoes Sunday night on Titletown Express night at the Seymour Speedway.

thumb_sey_6-21-09_051IMCA Sport Mods took the track first with 22 cars in the field.  Kevin Bethke grabbed the early lead with Ralph Liegeois, Jr, Brandon Long, Jamie Schmidt and Travis Van Straten behind.  Van Straten moved into third by lap 5 when the first caution appeared, Bethke lost the lead briefly on the restart to Van Straten, but fought back and set the pace again until caution 2 on lap 9.  This restart saw Van Straten take the lead again with Troy Jerovetz also moving into second.  Point leader, Tim Jorgenson took third before the final caution on lap 12.  Sponsor TITLETOWN EXPRESS of Green Bay

Over the final 8 laps, Van Straten and Jerovetz swapped the lead back and forth, but at the finish, Van Straten prevailed and collected his first ever division feature win here and also his first feature win here since July 30, 2000 in the Street Stock.  Jerovetz held second with Johnny Whitman winning a tight battle with Jorgenson for third.  Brad Lautenbach and Eric Arneson round out the top six.

IMCA STOCK CAR #26   Dan Nelson picked up his first checkered flag at the Seymour Speedway Sunday night taking his heat race.Several cautions slowed the first 5 laps of the Street Stock main, but when the field settled down it was the final restart for a good 15 lap run.

Jeremy Wiitala found himself in the top spot for the start of the final run with Justin Jacobsen, Aaron Melchert, David Hoerning and Andy Palluch behind. 

Hoerning moved into second by lap 8 and right behind the leader.  The pair pulled away from the field nose to tail with both hugging the inside line.  Hoerning tried several time to make an opening inside but was fought off until lap 15.  IMCA STOCK CAR #27 Jeremy ChristiansHoerning was able to rake the top spot and Wiitala moved outside to mount the challenge.  Horning won the battle and his second feature of the season with Wiitala in second.  Joe Schwister came through to win a tight battle for third with Jacobsen in fourth,.  Melchert and Palluch round out the top six.

After an opening lap crash in turn 4, Devin Snellenberger set the pace for the first 3 laps of the IMCA Stock Car main with Harley Simon, Shawn Wagner, Rod Snellenberger, Andy Kornowski and Brian Bruechert right behind.

On lap 6, out of turn 2, Wagner became a Snellenberger sandwich.  Making a run for the top spot, Wagner too the outside line on Devin, with dad, Rod, making it three wide out of the turn.  Wagner was able to pull through and take the top spot with Rod taking over second.  A lap 8 yellow bunched the pack with Simon, Kyle Frederick, Bruechert, John Heinz and Jeremy Christians behind.  Snellenberger put heavy pressure on Wagner on the restart but could not force an opening to the front.  Another caution on lap 12 found Christians now in third with Frederick, Simon and Paul White now in tow.  On this restart, Snellenberger again put hard pressure on the leader,   4 CYLINDER #41F  Mike Frelich won his first race at the Seymour Spedway Sunday night.In a slight mix up, Christians took advantage of the situation a slipped by both on the outside to take over the lead.  Wagner fought back into the runner up spot with  Snellenberger, Chaz Van Ooyen, Jr, Frederick and Larry Karcz, Jr behind when the final caution appeared on lap 16.  Time ran out before the final restart, forcing a green, white, checker finish.  Christians was able to hold off Wagner over the final 2 lap dash for his first feature win of the season.  Snellenberger held on for third with Van Ooyen, Frederick and Karcz rounding out the top six.

The win was unexpected for Christians who thought his night was done early, when the engine blew in his car during the heat.  He was going to be a spectator when Darren Otto approached his to use his car for the night.  The decision to take the offer turned out to be a good one for the former 2 time champion.

Zack Drews took the opening lap lead in the Budweiser IMCA Modified main with Jason Czarapata slipping into the top spot on lap 2.  Following a lap 5 caution, Eric Mullen, Scott Mullen and Brian Mullen were lined up behind the leader with Kyle Kudick and Drews. 

Czarapata took advantage of the Mullen battle for second to open a slight lead before the second and final caution on lap 10.  Czarapata, Scott, Brian, Eric, Benji LaCrosse, Kyle Lentz and Drews were set for the final 10 lap run.

4 CYLINDER #22 jr    Ralph Liegeois, JrBrian Mullen slipped by brother Scott for second and right behind Czarapata.  The Pair slowly pulled away from the battle for third with Jason holding tight to the inside.  Mullen also wanted the same line and pressured heavily for the rest of the race.  He was able to force a slight opening a couple times but not able to move into the lead.  Czarapata held off the former 6 time champ to collect his second feature win of the season.  Point leader, LaCrosse took third with Scott Mullen holding off son, Eric for fourth.  Mike Wedelstadt made up the top six finishers.

An opening lap mishap was the only cause for caution in the 4 Cylinder nightcap.  Ralph Liegeois took the top spot from the start with point leader, Kevin Birr moving into the runner up spot on lap 5.  The competition level in the division has been real close with the field staying tight  through out the race.  Liegeois, Birr, Matt Jahnke, Calvin Stueck, Dean DeKeyser and Tony Everard battled for the top spot.  Liegeois was able to hold on for his first feature win of the season with Birr taking the runner up spot.  Jahnke, Stueck, DeKeyser and Everard remained in the top six at the finish. 

All cars passed an extensive post race inspection for the finish to be official.






20 Lap feature

1. Jason Czarapata, Pulaski  2, Brian Mullen, Seymour  3, Benji LaCrosse, Green Bay  4. Scott Mullen, Seymour  5, Eric Mullen, Seymour  6, Mike Wedelstadt, Fremont

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Eric Mullen  2. Scott Mullen

Second: 1. Zach Drews, Ringle  2. Kyle Lentz, Green Bay

Third: 1. Brian Mullen  2. Chad Wilcox, Pulaski



18 Lap Feature (time limit)

1. Jeremy Christians, Horicon  2. Shawn Wagner, Seymour  3. Rod Snellenberger, Pulaski  4. Chas Van Ooyen, Jr, Appleton  5. Kyle Frederick, Gillett  6, Larry Karcz, Jr, Pulaski

10 Lap Consy

First: 1. Christians  2. Kyle Wanner, Green Bay  3. Mark Schuenemann, Boulder Junction 4. Barry Van Straten, Shiocton

Second: 1. Van Ooyen, Jr  2. Frederick  3. Greg Gutt, Clintonville  4. Jamie Becks, Appleton

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Wagner  2. Andy Kornowski, Green Bay

Second: 1. Dan Nelson, Brillion  2. Harley Simon, Seymour

Third: 1. Rod Snellenberger, Pulaski  2. Al Umentum, Pulaski

Fourth: 1. Karcz, Jr   2. John Mahlberg, Hilbert



20 Lap Feature

1. David Hoerning, Appleton  2. Jeremy Wiitala, Green bay  3. Joe Schwister, Seymour  4. Justin Jacobsen, Hortonville  5. Joe Wittmann, Kaukauna  6. Aaron Melchert, Black Creek

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Dereck Lecker, Black Creek  2. Mert Summers, DePere

Second: 1. Phil Hiles, Appleton  2. Melchert

Third: 1. Matt Drawenek, Kaukauna  2. Wittmann



20 Lap Feature

1. Travis Van Straten, Hortonville  2. Troy Jerovetz, Green Bay  3. Johnny Whitman, DePere  4. Tim Jorgenson, Seymour  5,. Brad Lautenbach, New Franken   6. Eric Arneson, Oconto Falls

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Van Straten  2. Jamie Schmidt, Seymour

Second: 1.  Lautenbach   2. Kevin Bethke, Neenah

Third: 1. Brandon Long, Green Bay  2. Jerovetz



15 Lap Feature

1.  Ralph Liegeois, Jr, Oconto   2. Kevin Birr, Krakow  3. Matt Jahnke, Green By  4. Calvin Stueck, Clintonville  5. Dean DeKeyser, Pulaski  6. Dan Juszczyk, Sobieski

8 Lap Heats

First: 1. Mike Frelich, Appleton  2. Mitch Pallock, Pulaski

Second: 1. Kevin Glatz, Kaukauna  2. DeKeyser

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