Monday, March 30, 2015
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Seymour August 8- The updated point standings from the last race August 3 will not be on Speednet this week because of a computer connection problem.

Brian will be working on it so the points will all be updated after the race this Sunday night.

The point sheets at the track this week WILL be correct and all of the line ups will include last weeks results.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Sunday August 3 Resuts

Seymour, August 3- Racing resumed at the Seymour Speedway following a week off for the Outagamie County Fair, and the Budweiser sponsored program produced three first time winners and a pair of repeat feature winners Sunday night.

Despite threatening weather and rain throughout the surrounding areas, a full program was completed with a much improved 1/3 mile race track offering lenty of close racing.

The Coors Light IMCA Stock Cars put their feature on the track first with Travis Springstroh  taking the lead on lap 2 from Larry Parshen.   Current point leader, Rod Snellenberger  moved from mid pack quickly to the front and powered into the lead on lap 5.   Kyle Frederick moved into the runner up spot 2 laps later and challenged the leader for 5 laps before Snellenberger was able to start to pull away.    Travis Van Straten and Jeremy Wiitala moved up to challenge for the runner up spot over the final half of the race which allowed Snellenberger the opportunity to pull away and pick up his 2nd feature win of the season  and also his career #197.     Frederick claimed the second place  finish with Van Straten, Wiitala and Springstroh  amking up the top 5 with Chas Van Ooyen  rounding out the top six.

Bill Edler set the pace for the IMCA Sport Mod main for most of the first half of the race which included 2 restarts on laps 4 and 5.   He continued to set the pace with Beau Handschke moving into second after the final restart.  Handschke  closed in and ran side by side with the leader for 2 laps before moving into the top spot on lap 9.  Edler, Jessi Ness, Lucas Lamberies and Jeremy Cota bunched up behind running for second.    Handschke was able to open a lead by the time Cota worked into the runner up spot on lap 13, and set out to close the gap.   With 3 laps left, Cota found the back of Handschkes mount and  then pulled alongside as the white flag appeared.    Cota was able to get the bite he needed low out of turn 2 on the final lap and came across the finish line a car length ahead to record his second feature win of the season.    Handschke was second  with Lamberies, Ness, Rod Solem and Edler rounding out the top six.


The Turbo Blue Street Stocks continued the fast tight racing with  Paul Ambrosius and Tony Everard hooking up in  a side by side race for the lead for the first half of the race.  Cautions on laps 10 and 11 kept the field bunched  with Alan Schlueter moving behind the leader.   Jon Ashcraft and Ambrosius were running in third and fourth and made contact in turn three on alp 11.   Lexii Ashcraft and Patty Winkler moved into the fray for the lead after the restart and moved into the lead and second place on lap 13.    Ryan Blank and point leader, Jeff Jungwirth  moved in to the top five before a final pair of cautions appeared on lap 16 and 17, setting up a wild three lap dash to the finish.

Lexii Ashcraft held the lead after the final restart using the inside line and Schlueter was challenging on the outside.  Things got interesting as Blank  decided the middle line between Schlueter and Ashcraft might be the path to victory lane on the final lap out of turn 2.   Out of turn four to the finish, Ashcraft was still inside with Blank in the middle and Schlueter running the high line.   Ashcraft and Blank came together out of the turn and in the scrum, Schlueter was able to power by on the outside to take the victory at the line.   The win was his first ever N.E.W. DIRT feature win.  Ashcraft was inches ahead to take second with Blank third.   Patty Winkler took fourth with Jungwirth taking 5th, despite being almost a full lap behind after a first lap restart sent him in the pit for a flat tire.   Jeff Dorschner rounded out the top six.

Tyler Wilson grabbed the lead at the start of the Budweiser IMCA Modifieds feature and led the way for the first 9 laps.   Mike Mullen, Wilson, Eric Mahlik and T.J. Smith battled under a cover for several laps before Mullen finally broke lose a started to close on the leader.   

Entering turn 3 on lap 10, Mullen sped into the lead using the inside line and then could not hold the car down, sliding up across  Wilson.  Mullen was able to collect the cars and was the leader on lap 10.   Once in front, Mullen pulled away from the pack to record his first feature win at Seymour since May 30, 2010.   Mahlik took the runner up finish with Wilson  holding on for the third place finish.    Chad Bartel, Mike Wedelstadt and Smith rounded out the top six.

Trevor Spaulding ld the opening lap of the 4 Cylinder main before Harley Diedrick powered by on the inside and set out to hide from the pack.       A lone caution slowed the pace on lap 5 and point leader, Cody Hungerford was right behind Diedrick for the restart.   Looking more like a veteran than a rookie, Diedrick held his line and was able to fend off all challengers to collect his first career feature victory.   Brad Prahl was able to take the runner up finish with Hungerford taking third.   Taylor Becher,  Eddie Lemay and Brandon Kaye rounded out the top six.

Joel Schmidt bested the field to collect the Spectator Eliminator trophy.

Next week, August 10, the Legends cars make a appearance at the Seymour Speedway.   Don’t miss the return of the IRA Outlaw Sprints to the 1/3 mile banked oval on Sunday August 17.



20 Lap Feature  l.    Mike Mullen   2. Eric Mahlik  3. Tyler Wilson  4. Chad Bartel   5. Mike Wedelstadt   6. T.J. Smith

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Mullen   2, Wedelstadt

Second   l.  Jay Matthias   2. Jamie Schmidt

                                    COORS LIGHT IMCA STOCK CARS

20 Lap Feature  l. Rod Snellenberger  2. Kyle Frederick  3. Travis Van Straten  4. Jeremy Wiitala   5. Travis Springstroh   6. Chas Van Ooyen

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Josh Mrozkowski  2. Van Straten

Second  l. Frederick   2. Joe Schwister

                                    TURBO BLUE STREET STOCKS

20 Lap Feature  l. Alan Schlueter  2. Lexii Ashcraft  3. Ryan Blank  4. Patty Winkler   5. Jeff Jungwirth   6. Jeff Dorschner

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Jonny Ashcraft   2. Jungwirth

Second  l. Paul Ambrosius   2. George Tabalske

                                                IMCA SPORT MODS

20 Lap Feature  l.  Jeremy Cota   2. Beau Handschke  3. Lucas Lamberies   4. Jessi Ness   5. Rod Solem   6. William Edler

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Handschke   2. Edler

Second  l. Lamberies   2. Jordan Tuyls

                                                4 CYLINDER

15 Lap Feature  l  Harley Diedrick   2. Brad Prahl  3. Cody Hungerford   4. Taylor Becher   5. Eddie Lemay  6. Brandon Kaye

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Prahl  2. Diedrick

Second  l. Cody Hungerford   2. Dean DeKeyser



Seymour TONIGHT August 3

Seymour August 3- 9:30 AM- August already.  Hard to believe we are entering the final weeks of the 2014 racing season in Northeastern Wisconsin.

Here at the Seymour Speedway, we are returning to action following a week off for the Outagamie County Fair.

Long time track and series sponsor, Budweiser, is the title sponsor tonight for a full 5 division racing program on the 1/3 mile banked clay oval.

Jason Czarapata has used a string of 4 straight feature wins to moved back on top of the point standings with a commanding 30 point margin over Mike Wedelstadt and Jamie Schmidt who are tied for second.   Jason is the current and 2 time defending champion in the division and continues to use his smooth style to run towards a third straight track title.   Chad Bartel is third in the standings with T.J. Smith and Eric Arneson rounding out the five.

The Coors Light IMCA Stock Car division is a bit closer.   Former 5 time champion, Rod Snellenberger is currently sitting in first place holding a 372-366 margin over Travis Van Straten.    Hot Rod has 1 feature win this season with Van Straten having 2 under his belt.   Both have been consistent top 5 runners all season and it looks to be a fight to the final point night on August 31.    Barry Van Straten, Jeremy Wiitala and Chas Van Ooyen round out the top five.

Jeff Jungwirth has been a solid performer in the Turbo Blue Street Stock division having won a division leading 4 features so far but only has a 9 point advantage over Ryan Blank in the standings, 383-374.   Defending champion, Jonny Ashcraft is only 6 more back in third with Patty Winkler, having a solid season as well, sitting in 4th place one point ahead of Alan Schluter in fifth place.

The IMCA Sport Mods have been very competitive with Jeremy Cota the current point leader over 3rd generation young gun, Lucas Lamberies.     Bruce Belland has made the weekly trips from Eagle River pay off with very strong top 5 runs all season and sits 3rd in the standings.     Kevin Bethke and Jessi Ness round out the top five.      As proof of the  competitve nature of the division, only Cota(1) and Bethke(2) in the top five have feature wins with Robby Thiel(2) 6th in points, the only other top 10 driver to have feature wins.

The 4 Cylinder division has a battle at the top between Cody and Tyler Hungerford for the  point lead.   Each has led the standings and ech has one feature win so far.   Cody currently holds a 371-366 margin over Tyler.   Brandon Kaye sits third with 330 points with rookie Harley Diedrick in fourth with 320 and Brad Prahl fifth with 308.

Along with these five divisions renewing their championship runs tonight, the Spectator Eliminators will be on hand to close out the program.

N.E.W. DIRT will also pay tribute to a man, Stan “The Man” Gracyalny, and his family tonight.    The Gracyalny family has a decades long love affair with short tack racing and has been a selfless supporter of this sport.

The pit gates open at 3 PM with late sign in at 4:30.

Racing starts at 5:30 PM…SHARP!!

The grandstand opens at 4 PM.

The running order tonight is:

Coors Light IMCA Stock Cars

IMCA Sport Mods

Turbo Blue Street Stocks

Budweiser IMCA Modifieds

4 Cylinders

Spectator Eliminators

The rest of the month will be busy as well with the Legends making their appearance at the Seymour Speedway next week. August 10. 

Then on August 17, the 410 Horsepower IRA Outlaw Sprints will return to the banked oval for the first time since 2008.    They will be part of a unique program with our regular 5 divisions.      IRA will hot lap and qualify at 5:30, with racing starting at 6 PM.    The weekly divisions will have the top 10 in points set for the feature.   The rest of the field will be made up from consolation races from those not in the top 10.   There will be NO heats run.

August 24th will be the 1st Choice Auto Sales/Kelsey Coatings Kids Club Coin Toss at intermission.

The 3rd installment of the 2014 Summer Holiday Classic  Series will be on August 31.  It will also be the final point night for ALL divisions this season.

N.E.W. DIRT would like to THANK YOU for making the Seymour Speedway your choice for racing on Sunday nights here in Northeastern Wisconsin.

We hope to see you all tonight on Budweiser night at the Seymour Speedway and for the rest of the 2014 season.


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