Thursday, February 23, 2017
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Speedway News

Racing ON tonight

IRA. and full show is ON for tonight

Racing at 6 PM 


IRA Update #2 11 AM

Seymour, August 2   ANOTHER UPDATE  11 AM


The track and IRA have been on top of this for the past hour or so and have seen the weather moving quicker to the East than south.     IRA teams are in the area because their schedule was in the area this weekend.


So all parties have agreed to wait until 1 PM to see what develops with the weather and make a final decision at that time.


We want to try to get this program in tonight if Mother Nature will co-operate.


Watch here for any further updates.



Seymour August 2 UPDATE

Seymour August 2 - 9:50 AM-  UPDATE    UPDATE      UPDATE   UPDATE


Tom Schmidt has just been in contact with IRA President Steve Sinclair concerning the weather forecast for this afternoon and the IRA Sprint Cars joining the scheduled program at the Seymour Speedway tonight.


As of right now, everything is STILL ON for tonights racing program.


We realize that fans and drivers have to travel a bit to run here on Sunday night,  and IRA teams  run a very hectic schedule to support and compete in their shows.


We will be in contact with our officers and drivers  on each end and continue to check with weather updates and will make a final decision about tonights racing at the Seymour Speedway by 11 AM.


THANK  YOU  for your patience and understanding.


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