Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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Seymour, August 11 – To say that the 2016 season at Seymour Raceway Park has been a difficult one, would be an understatement.


Following the program this past Sunday, there was a great deal of discussion on the rest of the season.     Following a very busy week and a meeting with the fair association on Thursday, a difficult decision was made to cancel the remaining four races this season, starting with this Sunday, August 14.


The financial responsibilities of running a weekly racing program are hefty.  From insurance to staff, maintenance- facility and equipment, and drivers payoff, force every track to be very aware of all situations surrounding their operations.

I  had also taken on all of the past issues of the club, some of which are still not settled, which also added to the pressures of re-opening the track.


The weather has been a problem from the start, losing the opener and allowing only 6 races to be run this season, forcing 7 to be canceled.   There was no consistency to build a routine for Sunday nights.


This decision was defiantly NOT an easy one to make, but was a mutual decision between myself and the Fair Association.      

I can now concentrate on settling the past issues and focus on moving forward.   

One is to open the track for 2017, which the Fair Association strongly supports.

I tried to personally contact as many as I could after the meeting Thursday to make the announcement before an official posting was made.  I apologize to any I may have missed.


I wish to THANK all of those people that supported Seymour Raceway Park this season.

The Fair Association for their support to take over the facility and willingness to help re-build the racing program here.

The drivers and crews for their loyalty.   I know those that are chasing points are disappointed, and I appreciate the understanding of those I spoke to, as to why this had to happen,   and encouragement to move ahead to next season.

Sponsors, for their continued backing of the weekly program at Seymour.

The fantastic staff,  that worked so hard to make the programs the best in the area.  Those that do not get paid enough and those that chose to donate not only their time, but equipment and services as well.


I need to acknowledge the people that made the decision to come back to the track and work with me.

Tom Schmidt

Bobby Wanner

Bonnie Neshek

Jon Ploecklemann

I cannot express my sincere THANKS enough for your experience and support to move forward.

My family and friends for their encouragement and support is priceless.



The drivers payoff and staff wages, from this last race, will be done and sent out, or delivered, next week.   Any other issues will be settled shortly.


Once again, I truly regret having to make this decision.

Now the work begins, to re-asses everything at the track and plan for the future.


Questions or comments can be directed to me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 920-231-1157


Thank You

Dave Panske, promoter

Seymour Raceway Park



Seymour, August 7- Racing returned to Seymour Raceway Park for the first time in almost a month due to rain outs and the fair, and for a change, the day was perfect for racing in Northeastern Wisconsin.

Kelsey Coatings and 1st Choice Auto Sales were the title sponsors for the night including the Kids Club Coin Toss at intermission.


The Street Stocks opened feature action with 23 cars taking the green flag with Logan Schmeck leading the way with Trevor Van Straten, Lexii Ashcraft, Matt Warner and Harley Diedrick behind.   The leaders stayed bunched behind Schmeck until the lone caution of the race appeared on lap 8.    Schmeck had Ashcraft, Warner, Van Straten, point leader Jeff Jungwirth and Allan Schlueter lined up behind for the restart.

Jungwirth went to work on the pack after the restart and by lap 11 had taken over the lead.     He was able to pull away a bit over the last half of the race and picked up his second feature win of the season.    Warner passed Schmeck for the runner up spot with a pair of laps left but could not challenge Jungwirth. Ashcraft took fourth with Schlueter in fifth and Mike Carter coming through to round out the top six.


The IMCA Sport Mods were up next and after an opening lap incident caused complete restart, the race went non stop.  JR Hansen took the initial lead with Chase Randerson, Kevin Bethke, Chris Budzban, Jason Vandenberg and Travis Arenz behind.   Bethke used the inside line to take the lead on lap 4 and was able to open a slight lead as Arenz and point leader, Lucas Lamberies, worked to the front.     By lap 11, Arenz was in second and started to work on the lead Bethke had.  Lamberies moved into third and layed chase as well.   The gap slowly closed and on lap 18, Arenz was able to take over the point and open a lead of his own running to his second feature win of the season.    Lamberies took  second on lap 20 but ran out of laps and finished second.    With three laps left, Budzban was able to move by Bethke to secure third with Vandenberg and Scott Besaw rounding out the top six.


The Coor’s Light IMCA Stock Cars put a strong 21 cars field on the grids with Steve Hiles taking the lead for the first 2 circuits when the caution bunched the pack.   On the restart, Rod Snellenberger powered into the top spot with Travis Van Straten, Aaron Stolp, Kyle Frederick, Jeremy Wiitala and Travis Springstroh behind.     Van Straten was able to used the inside line to perfection and stole the lead from Snellenberger on lap 8, and started to pull away from the battle for second.    The field spread out with Van Straten opening a large gap ahead of Snellenberger.    Frederick, Stolp and Springstroh followed.   The field stayed the same until debris on the track caused the second caution with 4 laps left.    VanStraten was up to the challenge and held the lead to collect his third feature win of the season.  Snellenberger ran to his best finish so far taking second , holding off Frederick.    Springstroh ended up in the top four with Chas Van Ooyen, making a solid run after restarting in the back after the lap 2 caution, to finish fifth and Stolp rounded out the top six spots.



                                    COORS LIGHT IMCA STOCK CARS

30 Lap Feature  l. Travis Van Straten, Hortonville   2. Rod Snellenberger, Pulaski   3. Kyle Frederick, Oconto   4. Travis Springstroh, Freedom   5, Chas Van Ooyen, Freedom   6. Aaron Stolp, Milwaukee

8 Lap Consy  First l. Chase Parker, Hortonville   2. Bryan Techmeier  3. Aaron Karcz

Second  l. Harley Simon, Seymour   2. Larry Karcz, Jr   3. Barry Van Straten, Shiocton

8 Lap Heats  First  l. Snellenberger   2. Van Ooyen

Second  l. Jamie Van Ooyen, Appleton  2. Bill Kelsey, Luxemburg

Third  l. Steve Hiles, Hortonville   2.  Jeremy Wiitala, Green Bay


                                    IMCA SPORT MODS

25 Lap Feature  l. Travis Arenz, Sheboygan   2. Lucas Lamberies, Clintonville   3. Chris Budzban, Luxemburg  4. Kevin Bethke, Neenah  5. Jason Vandenberg, Kimberly   6. Scott Besaw, Omrow

8 Lap Heats  First  l.  Arenz,  2. Budzban

Second  l. Bethke   2. JR Hansen


                                                STREET STOCKS

20 Lap Feature  l. Jeff Jungwirth, Oshkosh  2. Matt Warner, Green Bay  3. Logasn Schmeck   4. Lexii Ashcraft, Oshkosh   5. Allan Schlueter, Oconto   6. Mike Carter

8 Lap Heats  First  l.  Harley Diedrick, Freedom  2. Jungwirth

Second  l.Ian Waino   2. Schlueter

Third  l. Paul Ambrosius, Seymour   2. Dylan Stedjee, Shawano


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